Tree House..Mystery..

Temple bells rang waking up the small town which is skinned up with the snowfall of the last night.

But the warm rug did not dare to wake up Ria who should give her ramp show today at 10.00 a.m.

The usual sparking eyes of her are dazzling with night dreams still, the clock got tired post ringing for a long time and worried about her.

At last, she dragged her soul to the real life with great uneasy but the carpet welcomed her as it is waiting for her warm footstep.

As a routine, she went to woods for a morning walk by reminding herself about the today’s ramp show. Woods never ever makes her bored. Even though she is walking on the wet mud floor, she is practicing as if she is on the ramp which is her big dream.

To her surprise, she saw a school bag of her neighbor 10 yrs old boy on the bank of the river. Negative vibes pushed her to that end as he did not know the swimming even.

She found him nowhere, scared Ria jumped into the river and surfed till the beneath of the river. However, she left clueless so came out with water-filled pockets. While the clothes are letting out the river water she saw a tree house on the opposite side of the river. She began to run into the house without even noticing to whom that house belongs to and directly entered into without even knocking the door.

Well furnished and well-organized rooms made her negative vibes upside down.

A  young little girl came, frowned at Ria due to her direct entry without their permission.

Ria found so many similarities of the boy with that girl, asked her that whether she has any brothers.

The girl became so violent all of a sudden, screamed on her ” you curious lady you came into our home without our permission now asking our personal information.”??

“Ha! Am sorry, but am in search of a boy 10 yrs old,  who looks like you.”

“Boys are not allowed here for sure.” said the girl while bumping a ball on the floor simply.

“Can i meet your elders with your permission”

The girl got annoyed and showed the way to go to inside the rooms.

There Ria saw interior rooms with nice glass finishing paints, felt light fragrance thorough out the rooms…Shining bulbs which are glorifying the wooden finishing works.

In the corner of the room, she met a young lady and an old lady who is meditating with great focus. She kept herself calm until they finished it.

Both of them opened their eyes with great gracefulness in their eyes, smiled at Ria and asked her the purpose of her visit.

Ria narrated her search briefly, post listening to her they confirmed that it is only girls orphanage and if they see any boy, they let her know.

Ria stepped out of that tree house with so many haunting questions in her mind, by that time her watch alerted her with a reminder of her dream show. As still, she had one and half hour time she went to her neighbor’s house to know about the boy.

They are also searching for him rigorously every possible where. Although she saw his bag at the bank of the river she does not want them to tense so once again she ran into the woods.

Wet and crooked brown trees looked at her helplessly, the sharp rain showers interrupted her search operation by pinching her cheeks mercilessly. Ria still continued by not giving up, but the wristwatch reminded that it is sharp 10.00 a.m.

Determined Ria went into the depth of the densed forest without bothering about her show. She ended up with no results at 5 in the evening post searching every nook and corner and came back with great disappointment.

By the time she is unlocking her house, she saw the playing boy at his own home’s lawn surprisingly. With a great excitement, she jumped over his fence, asked the whereabouts of him since morning.

The boy said recklessly that he was locked in the washroom of his school and went inside.

Ria though tired felt a great relief from her unnecessary curiosity, with welled up eyes thanked god heartfully.


The oil lamps, throughout her corridor, makes her evening pleasant. While Chilled breeze is playing with her curled hair, Ria pushed them gently with her smooth fingers. Her usual sparking eyes are rolling according to the gramophone music.

Suddenly she saw the same girl from tree house going into the boy’s house sneakily but has not observed Ria over there.

Puzzled Ria followed her with everlasting curiosity.  While she is passing through their fencing plants from the windows of boy’s bedroom, the boy appeared busily with the crafts surrounded.

Still, she went into the kitchen and ventilated all her confusions in front of his mother. The mother of the boy got little nervous, yet she affirmed that she would check without his knowledge.

Few days, months, seasons rolled over but both of them did not get any single clue.

However, both of them put him on a very close observation.

One day Ria started cleaning her garage where she found the clothes of the gal. Irritated Ria called his mom and showed those clothes.

Next day both of them followed him again, also observed that post beginning of the school hours the boy climbed the back school wall and jumped on the car which is driving by his father.

Stunned mom and Ria continued to follow them and they all stopped at the tree house.

A girl came out of the car made them understand that the boy changed his dress for some reason. The boy in girl dress went inside, his father left the place as soon as he dropped him over there. These two also went inside just to know the secret behind her husband and boy.

The old lady is feeding, the boy is watching T.V., by seeing his mom he ran into the inside. The old lady asked her to give a chance to explain everything clearly.

As the Mom showed her patience to explain the whole scenario old lady began telling about her husband past life ” He is my daughter’s husband, post delivering nancy she met with an accident. As she got bedridden for 1 year your husband left her to the four walls and he married you. Soon after some time Nancy also died due to diarrhea which made her upset so went into depression. Your husband now again came back and helping her by showing your son in a girl dress as both are alike.”

Mom with a melted heart ” how long my child needs to miss his academics”

“No worries in coming three months she is going to marry and leave to other states”.

“Oh! then if she expects my son to go along with her??, how long he can pretend as a girl, not more than a couple of years??” she asked worriedly.

“By that time i would make it clear, give me some time”

Ria irritatingly approached an old lady, pushed her in a coach, screamed on her violently  ” on that day you said it is an orphanage, you can not play with my memory olllddy…”

Scared old lady murmured as his father knows about Ria, she said so…

Suspicious mom slapped her and asked Ria to go inside to check all the rooms to know the secret behind of them.

Ria banged all the doors forcibly, checked all the rooms where the great ambiance is welcoming her. still, she went into depth but left with clueless. While controlling her fast running breath, as the last chance She opened the cupboards which paved a way to the underground.

She ran on the steps anxiously and saw many adolescent boys who are taped to the grills of the windows mercilessly. They looked at her with great fear and said: ” we love our parents, so please do not send us to any coal minings as slaves, we want to finish our academics.”

The young Ria called the cops by standing in front of them and sent instant snaps as proofs to them. Their faces bloomed with faith and thanked her while emotionally moved.

In No Time cops reached to them with haunting bells, arrested the old lady on an immediate basis, and after awhile they also arrested the boy’s father along with his ex-wife.


The three were produced in the court, with few interrogating questions they all agreed they are guilty.

The young woman used this boy as a girl to begin the friendship with adolescents and to bring them to the tree house in order to trap them. By seeing the little girl face they all got trapped without any doubt.

Mom slapped the boy’s father due to his split personality in front of the judicial members and stepped out from the courtroom along with her son.

Lazy Ria although missed her ramp show saved few boys and mom from the clutches of a bad person.





























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