Smrithi Taranga…


Scientific reason: As per science if a mother or guardian wants to nurture kids in an ideal path, they can chant few good words in their ears so that words would be stored in their subconscious mind.  A mother should start this when the baby reaches 3 yrs old. Those kids when they become 70 yrs old also they follow the same words unknowingly even good or bad as those were stored in the subconscious mind.


Story theme: A Boy who wants to ruin a gal’s life, unknowingly saves her with his subconscious mind power.


Characters: 1.One innocent college gal named Bhavaani, studying B. Tech final year.

  1. Vrishabh a man with no ethics, from the middle-class background. He became a rich business person with his cheap business tricks.
  2. He is accompanied by 4 of his friends to share his all cruel sins.


Story: 1. Vrishabh’s day starts with cheap business tricks to earn so much of money and ends with bullying or harassing someone along with his friends.

  1. Every weekend they all go to goa/ any public places to eve tease.
  2. One weekend they met Bhavani at the beach area and wanted to play a love drama before capturing her nude pics.
  3. All of them introduced themselves as if they are good persons. As a college gal, she took it casually and trusted them innocently. Soon after some time, they all exchanged their phone numbers with her.
  4. As they all belong to her place she used to go with them to every party and every place in a friendly manner, whenever they invited her.
  5. After few days they started their drama with real cruel intention. They called her by saying

That “ Vrishab met with an accident and got hospitalized. Before she arrives they all inserted a secret camera to shoot her pics with Rishabh to blackmail her for their purpose.

  1. Soon after she reached the hospital, they all left the room and vrishabh started playing drama to gain her sympathy. Due to gal sentiment, she cried and given him a hug as a friend to console him.

When she left all of them eagerly opened the record file in camera, but nothing was saved- due to no memory card.

Surprised fools planned for another chance of ruining her.

  1. They all called her for a party and given her a juice glass mixed with sleeping pills, but after spending 3 hours with them in a restaurant, she left very normally. They all again got shocked for their second failure.
  2. Next week, they again called her for a team trip in a minivan and planned to cheat her at midnight in van itself. But Vrishabh who is driving the van hit the divider before crossing the city limits and all got injured.
  3. Vrishabh being a strong and stout personality brutally hit all his friends by feeling that they are cheating him and saving that gal in order to impress her.
  4. But all his friends are honest to him. So they all met in his absence, discussed themselves honestly and concluded that Vriishabh is saving her unknowingly.
  5. Yes, vrishabh was nurtured by his mother pretty well in his childhood. She used to chant ideal words, in the ears of 3 yrs old baby vrishabh, daily night, three times, at the first 2-3 minutes, immediately after when he slept….. One of those ideal words were “you respect and protect every woman”.

Those words he used to remember and protected Bhavani unknowingly whenever they all tried to cheat her. And after some time he just forgets whatever he had done to her and mingle with his friends very normally. So he is the person who removed the memory card from the camera, who gave dummy sleeping pills, and finally hit the van to protect her at that midnight. He saves her and forget the same and becomes normal after a while. Due to his friend circle behavior again plans with them to ruin her and whenever they failed, he used to show that anger on his friends by forgetting that he himself saved her.

His friends came to know about his suspicious nature and approached a psychiatrist as they wanted to know whether he is cheating or not. Finally, they got shocked by knowing his split personality and dropped the plan of ruining Bhavani’s life.

Conclusion: As his mother faced lots of abusive words from his father she prepared him to make a good citizen and her efforts saved one gal’s life.

Message to the modern world: Please prepare your child to respect women and try to protect in possible ways…and see him as a hero in a gal’s heart.



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