Magic Book

The dark night is staring cruelly at 20 yrs old Jaison . He is not even ready to open his eyes to face the nodding tall trees dancing with silence.

A leaf dropped its stored rainwater from its edges to console alone boy which made him a bit more scared due to its coldness. The sludge of the forest is not allowing him to stand on his own so as his thoughts are.

Since his childhood, he is mamma’s pet till her death. Post to her demise he became alone all of a sudden and was unable to cope up with the real world.  In order to fulfill his daily necessities, he borrowed from all possible ways but failed to repay due to his unemployment.

To escape from the lenders he ran into the nearby woods. Now, this boy is totally clueless right from the next minute of his life. While his hungry stomach rang bells he is just craving to escape from that scary location.

The green creepers in the utter darkness testing his courage by touching his feet giving him a feeling of snakes so, the little boy in him woke up suddenly weeping out and yelling ” mommy where are you? “.

The echo waves touched the sky and reiterated to him showing the inability of bringing her back.

Unkind slippery floor threw him into the deep valleys by breaking his bones and sucking his blood. The pure-hearted Nature is watching all the troubles he is going through, nature itself became an angle and approached the unconscious boy.

With a graceful smile, Angel touched him to cure his all emotional and physical injuries.

He opened his eyes slowly and moved his dried lips with blood stains…with very low guts. She made him comfortable and gained his trust in no time. He opened his heart in front of her who is the second woman in his life, post to his mother.

“Hey, angel! please tell me why god is unkind, though he knows that i cannot live without my mamma he took away her. Why he had not taken me away along with her? How my mother is happy without me in that heaven? If she is happy, has she cheated me these many days?

Due to thunders light, his tears sparked like stars in the sky. Angle kept quite till he ventilates out all his agony and emotional pain. A few minutes after he just stopped and asked the purpose of her arrival.

She glanced at him cheerfully,  took him into her arms and said ” my son! the creation of God is simple but our understanding levels are low.

If every variant flower is special in some quality why people chose only a few flowers for worshiping the god.  Cause they are specialized in their quality, likewise your mommy was taken away by god due to her kind heart. And he left you as you had not yet started seeing the real world beauty…”

Jaison with his dilemma face, asked her now at this moment “how can i survive?”

Angel gave him a magical book which helps him for his survival. Post presenting him the book  she instructed him few rules:

One: He should open that book alone.

Two: After wishing something he should open the book and can see the results in the book which guides him to gain the wish. Post opening the book the message lasts for only one minute, if he delays to see it, the message will be slipped off or wiped off from the book.

Jaison felt grateful, bowed his head to angel and she vanished away.

Jaison being curious to test the magical book, wished in his heart to clear his debts right away and opened the book. To his great surprise, he saw a picture of lenders who are appreciating him as he cleared his debts.

By knowing this he went to his village daringly and as the book showed all lenders praised him for not cheating them. The proud Jaison went inside his house and locked the doors to see his mommy. As soon as he wished,  his mommy appeared in the book and asked him not to worry as they both can speak now as usual.


Jaison felt so blessed and wanted to take a bath in his backyard despite snowfall.  Jaisy a 17 yrs gal neighbor to him objected to taking bath being cautious about his health.  However, he smoothly warned her not to interfere in his matters without recognizing her love.

Soon after some time with the help of the magic book, he started a ladies emporium and as it given good profits he also started perfume business. Jaise continued to love that boy despite her parent’s wishes.

One day a servant from the kingdom arrived at his perfume stores to buy few perfume bottles which are his own creations. They specifically asked that they bought from him sometime back at the time of a village festival.

Jaison felt great as his creations got identified at kingdom so he wanted to get it directly from the king. However, the servant denied and said that these bottles are needed by the princess and she prefers to talk with nobody but asked for this special perfume fragrance.

The disappointed Jaison sold all the bottles which left him with unexpected profits. Innerly his mind pinching him to get the identification from the princess.

A few weeks later the palace servant again came to get few more perfume bottles and Jaison again dared to check his chance of getting direct identification which was again denied by place servants ridiculously.

Not giving up his hope he started waiting for the annual village festival and as expected princess came there to wish all the villagers personally. He has jumped on the dais of the princess leaving her security guards with great schoking and introduced himself with high confidence. Also mentioned that ” am the creator of your favorite perfumes and longing for your recognization for a long time but your servants denied.”

By seeing his daringness princess appreciated him and gave a locket to show it to the servants whenever he wants to meet her.

He left that place by memorizing her sweet words again and again. Her hospitality impressed him, driven him to get a romantic feeling on her. He built his entire future building, with her in a fraction of seconds.


Jaison is wandering into his dreams with his princess. Though villagers came to know his strange behavior never tried to interfere in his matter including Jaisee.

She accepted her parents chosen boy post knowing Jaison dreams.

One fine morning Jaison wanted to see his princess and get the confirmation from the magical book.

Soon after opening his magic book he saw that he is going to marry a gal in some time and to see her asked him to go to next page. The moment he turned the page few customers came in and asked him trading details. Curious Jaison asked them to come next day due to his busy schedule and send them away. However, by the time he reached post opening the book, it was past two minutes so the image slipped off into the perfumes boxes which were kept ready for prince’s sake. Tensed Jaison started searching for that image and finally ended up with zero results.

Meanwhile, palace servants came and took away the perfume boxes on a routine basis.

He shouted on the magic book again and asked it to show her image for the second time. But book rejected him due to angel’s prior instructions. The furious boy threw the magical book into the firehouse and closed his stores very early.

The anxious shoutings of his mother from the half-burnt book,  buried under the stocks of the stores.


With his naked foot, Jaison tried to run into the palace, where he got restricted by security guards at the main gate itself. Then he realized that with his imbalanced mind he forgot to bring his locket which was given by princess. Despite his ignorance, he started yelling at the main gate addressing princess to come out to accept his proposal right away.

The echo of his voice crossed the strong walls of the emperors so the prince a childhood friend of princess came out to check the reason for the noise. Post-learning about his proposal in spite of thinking the consequences prince started laughing at his face.

With his great insult, he became more stubborn and challenged the prince to check with her about him. Also mentioned that she gifted him a precious locket.

His confidence made prince believe in love but wanted to get the proof.

Jaison said that “though princess is capable of getting perfumes from anywhere still she showed interest in my own creations. Also, she permitted me to meet at any time. What proof still you need.”?

The prince got surprised. He wanted to smell the specialty of his perfumes so the servants brought the newly arrived boxes and exhibited in front of him. In spite of bottles, the prince glance was attracted by a picture which was slipped from the magic book.

Meanwhile, princess arrived finishing her hunting from the forest and learned about the ongoing discussion there.

Princess approached Jaison by seeing all question mark faces…explained that she just wanted to encourage him to develop more of his innovation levels by knowing his creative skills of finding new fragrances. Also, she showed her big room with unused perfume bottles which were not even touched by her for a long time. Apart from this, she mentioned that she does not have any special feelings as he has on her.

Heartbroken Jaison fell on his knees requesting to forgive him for his misconceptions. The prince put a condition to fulfill before forgiving him. while surprised princess staring at the prince, Prince said that Jaison should help him to find that gal who is in the image.

Soon after seeing the picture he recognized that for the same image he was searching a while ago and she is Jaisee. However, he does not want to change his mind so promised that he would be helping him out.


Jaison introduced Jaisee and her parents to Prince. The prince convinced her parents to arrange the marriage for them.

Jaisee who came to know the whole story of Jaison put a condition to the prince that he should convince princess due to her unconditional love for him. Also, she mentioned how he was waiting for that day of getting her permanently. Adding to all she revealed her own story of past.

The prince got impressed by her true love and convinced his childhood friend to marry Jaison. Also, he married Jaisee few days after post stealing her heart without showing his power.

Both couples prooved the meaning of unconditional love.



































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