By the, Of the, For the — LOVE

“Oh Gosh!! Zipse and Zupsy are missing…!!!” screamed a 60 yrs old lady,  and fell off on the floor…

65 yrs Old man smiled as both puppies got freedom from clutches of a pschyo woman and continued reading the newspaper.


“Professor Gabrial!,  I am still afraid.”

“I would like to treat you like a baby, also I would call you baby, but we are not babies any more Professor Rachel!!!”

” We could have told to my father at least,” said the tensed Rachel.

Professor Gabriel post looking into her eyes gracefully held her nervous hands and said “How long the earth can wait for sunshine. Do you feel guilt post waiting for 20 yrs?, Trust me am your best half forever”

They both started waiting for the departure of the bus eagerly.


“Hey, listen everybody Creek and Munsi had eloped by ditching us. Whoever finds them chop off there and then” roared violently Creek’s uncle who had raised her up since her parent’s death.

Her uncle is the leader of pirates in a small tribal area. Though her uncle accepted Munsi as his follower, was not able to accept his marriage proposal with creek due to his lack of leadership skills. Creek had failed to get his approval post so many discussions with him. Finally, in her uncle’s absence, she forced Munsi to elope with her. Being honest to his leader Munsi has accepted and accompanied her however he wanted to convince to bring back her and marry post her uncle’s approval.  So they both boarded the same bus now.

By observing professor and pirate couples Blossom and Aapo couple had stopped their discussion about future priorities, who were already boarded. Blossom started observing Munsi keenly as she found some similarities of Aapo in him. She firmly leaned on her back seat for her decision as Aapo’s dilemma troubled her from past two months.

By seeing her relieved face Aapo started crying literally. Blossom saw his red nose, covered him in her arms tightly and said: ” you are going to get what exactly you need.”

He pushed himself into her hug very closely and burst out like a 5-month-old baby.

The bus moved very fast by leaving tall trees of roadside to the dark night and strong chill waves started blowing whistles through the window gaps as no couple is ready to recognize them.

Soon after some time, the bus has stopped in the respective next station where an old couple aged 75 and 70 has boarded into the bus. By seeing their strange behavior all the couples on the bus got to know their relationship gap.

The old couple Mr.Albert and  Mrs.Aby took their tickets separately though they are going to the same destination point.

At the last minute into the running bus Puppies, Zipsy and Zupsee rushed in. The tired zipsee told to his girlfriend zipsee ” look these many days though we are into pschyo hands we got our chicken pieces for our daily dinners.. but now i need to protect you from the street dogs as well”

Zupsee stared at him and said ” you are my strength. Your fearful thoughts collapse our dreams. If it is an imperfect decision,  will go back and stay together under her dirty clutches ”

Emotionally moved off Zipsy kissed her and silently expressed that “he can not leave her for chicken pieces and daily difficulties”.

The stressed clouds could not tolerate the weight so rain started to show off its pressure of drops. All the couples hugged tightly to protect from the strong chill winds except the old couple.

Driver Aslam performing his duty irrespective of calamitic conditions. In his 20 yrs of govt bus driver service, he never drunk and drive. He has a single bad habit of excessive drinking of coffee which he wanted to sacrifice for his family expenses this year. However today he stopped for a while at the coffee hub to protect himself and passengers from the heavy rainfall in order to avoid accidents.

As soon as he stopped the bus Mr.Albert ran into the hub with an umbrella without bothering about granny Abby. Post few minutes she also covered her head with showers and had coffe on her own.

All these things were observed by blossom and she asked curiously Aapo about their strange behavior. Disturbed Aapo is not able to focus on their topic.

Zipsy and zupsy prayed to god to never make them as the old couple is.

Same time creek wrapped Munsi with a blanket and slowly observing the old couple.


As Blossom is not able to tolerate her curiosity approached directly  Abby and whispered into her ears ” “Hello if you don’t mind can i know your problem, why he is so mad at you. “?

Energetic granny pushed her back and asked about the Aapo’s state of mind ” hey little gal, why you are not sincere to him. Don’t you respect love?

Surprised Blossom received it positively so she said that she would be answered on the bus as it is raining outside.

Granny asked her to wait as she wants to serve some hot milk for zippsy and zupsee at the heavy showering time.

The kind actions of granny took a big place in everybody’s heart, soon after that Blossom helped her to board the bus. While seating into her seat granny murmured with Blossom that she also knows about professor Rachel.

Blossom once again checked his comfort and wrapped him properly in a blanket and reached to Mrs.Abby’s seat. By that time Mrs. Aby called Prof Rachel to her seat with her warm smile.

Two of them started sharing her situations with granny. Firstly granny asked blossom, how dare you eloped with that boy and post two months you are leaving him to his fait, and am not sure by seeing your dark skin color that you can get another boy like him.

The worried Rachel also asked her to think one more he still doesn’t know that she is going to leave at his place post explaining to his parents to protect his future.

Blossom simply shrugged and explained to them how he felt with him these two months. ” His body is with me and his soul is afraid of his family. Earlier i just know how many times he used to smile post looking at me but now i can see only his dilemma and anxious face. I want free soul but not a soul which is tightened with lots of pressures, which block my entry into it.”

Mrs.Abby increased her breath levels and blessed her with her smile and said ” today i got a doubt that why our fiction writers always describe angles with fair color only …Why can’t be like you…”?

Prof. Rachel also appreciated her practicality…

Then Mrs.Abby questioned about Rachel for her late decision and also for choosing a France person. “Rachel! you look pretty but can you ensure that guy won’t cheat on you, that to you are going against to your father’s wishes.”???

“Mrs.Abby he was waiting for me from past 20 yrs, yet my father has not agreed. He never tried another gal being honest even in hard times of our relationship. Being qualifies he given lots of job opportunities which are far from my place. Can you suspect him?”

They both stared at sleeping Gabrial who is three seats away from them and congratulated her with great Happiness…

Munsi who is behind to these ladies have heard about Aapo and checked his similarities with him in maintaining relationships. He changed his mind suddenly as he scared of losing her. He immediately checked pocket of Mr. Albert who is in sound sleep. He wanted to show his interest to live with her and he has stolen his money valet within a fraction of seconds.

He just grabbed all the money and threw it at his next seat. He showed that 5000 $ to make her surprise. As he became tense free she also got relieved from her uncle’s fear.

The two ladies asked Mrs.Abby about her relationship gap. Then granny briefed her 65 yrs life with him.

Our marriage is our family’s decision when i was 17 and he was just 19. At our first night, he wanted to touch me but i rejected him due to my immature mind. Since then he got angry with me and we never spoke to each other though we take care of each other.

Rachel suddenly saw a valet which touched her foot due to bus sudden break. She opened it and saw Mrs.Abby’s picture so she recognized it is a Mr.Albert purse.

The three women also got a letter which is very old one.

“Dear Abby,

I don’t know about your feelings about me. But honestly, I can see the crying baby face whenever i want to start our life. I feel it was my mistake whenever it happens. So am trying to cover my shy with angry.


The old lady ran to old man seat and touched on his shoulder very smoothly. Unfortunately, grandpa is no more to receive her love. Schoked granny also died on the spot.

Driver aslam asked them to take another bus and moved the bus to hospital.


Aapo and  Blossom stood in front of Aapo’s family in the coridar. They all are seriously  staring at  them.

To break the silence Blossom started explaining their decision ” I should bow my head in front of you as this is my forcible situation which made him step out of the home with me. Though he came with me he was never happy with me instead he is missing you all. So consider it as my mistake and allow him as earlier and i would never disturb him again in my life.”

His grandpa asked her to leave due to her skin color without the second thought.

She took a long breath, looked at Aapo and filled her eyes fully with his image and stepped out from that place.  To her surprise One soft hand held her….it is his mother. She took her into inside the home and before that, she said “the color of the gal will not protect family relations instead it is the character which builds the strong foundation for the upbringing.

Aapo just crossed his grandpa and follwed his mother…


The stolen money of Mr& Mrs. Albert is in the hands of Creep and Munsi. They both accompanied driver Aslam to the hospital. Both felt that money should be used to their final rituals as they do not have their own children. Aslam, Creek, and Munsi arranged their tombs beside to each other of Mr. and Mrs. Albert to join them at least now.

Aslam left the place by wishing the new couple. Both were sitting at the bus stop hopelessly. Creek’s uncle reached their and stunned to know their innocence of sitting very nearby to their tribal area and not even trying to escape from them. Still, he got angry as he saw the hungry creek on the middle of the road.

By seeing his face Munsi said to her uncle “a perfect leader cannot become a perfect husband, as you are my teacher suggest me which path i need to choose, however, she is ready to follow me even now. But i respect my leader. ”

Creek’s uncle asked them to leave that tribal area and lead a respectable life somewhere else.


Mrs Rachel called her father to apaolgise for her decession.

“Yes my child i had suffered from trust issues due to my daughter, however, i cannot change the yesterday. Please never come back as you ruined my prestige in my business community but you can call me for any kind of help…Convey my best wishes to my son -In- law..goodbye..” he cut off the phone.

Half satisfied Rachel  While putting down the phone admired her lifetime hero Gabrial while he is playing with Zipsee and Zupsee on their lawn.


























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