if condition

‘What ‘if’ i don’t wake up early!’ asked vrinda to her mom.  She said simply you would miss the school.

She woke up lately even after knowing the van timings, and she missed the van.

What ‘if ‘ i fail in math asked her father, he said you simply have to waste your academic year.

And even after knowing the consequences she had not focused and she got failed.

What if I don’t marry this guy asked her mother, she said that you would miss a handsome and rich fellow

Even after knowing the luxurious life with him she left the house a day before to marriage.

On her way, she went to an Auction meeting and she asked the seller, what if the buyer doesn’t pay the full amount,  surprised seller saw the buyer and by that time buyer was missing.

After some time she went to a park and saw a boy who is gifting to a gal, she went there and asked her what if he doesn’t marry u”, surprised gal saw him and he just showed his back.

From there she went to a hospital to get rest for some time and she asked the doctor “what if he dies”?? by seeing the patient on a stretcher, that doctor first attempt of operation came to know by patient…..

What if I come back, she asked her father by calling,  post 3 months of escaping from marriage, he said now I don’t have any daughter.

Disappointed gal went to a temple and asked an unemployed devotee, “what if he doesn’t fetch you a job”?? He just realized and said that he is going to join in the relevant course.

Finally, she went to a restaurant, ate till her stomach filled out and asked weightier what if I don’t pay the amount. A person from behind her came and said simply you would become the owner of this restaurant.

Surprised gal looked at him as for the first time she got a different answer instead of a negative situation for ” if conditioned” questions.

He simply replied yes, your ” if conditioned” question saved me for twice once at auction and secondly at the hospital, that patient is my brother…

Not all the ” ifs are bad and not all the Buts are good…









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