Power of humanity

A little gal was praying continuously for 25 yrs to goddess Devi.  Suddenly she got angry on her childhood friend goddess Durga Devi and challenged her because of her innocence to pay 3 crores otherwise she never prays again to her.

She forgot that moment and again she prayed her unconditionally. But Devi never responded, still the little gal continued to trust her. One day again gal’s life challenged her with all possible obstacles.

And she stopped worshiping her permanently due to Goddess ignorance.

Days went like seasons and seasons went like years, but little gal never felt any change. All of a sudden the echo of goddess Devi came out from all the corners of the world to show the power of humanity in all possible ways. They all said together that ‘you are not alone’

Now the gal’s heart is filled up with 30 crores worth value…..at the age of 37 yrs to a little gal…


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