C the best

I am not a good writer.I am not good at English. But i can feel every person’s inner feelings even they could not express it, even i don’t console them always.

I met a woman long back who is just simple but beauty at mind.

She smokes and she got married at younger age. Her husband loved her than her parents.Due to mother in law and her simplicity they got divided soon after some time.Since then she maintained distance from the world, literally she isolated from them.I just asked curiously why she needs to isolate from the outside world.

She just glanced into my eyes and said “when my entire world cheated me where is another world which i can’t c”

We exchanged phone numbers and we became good friends.She was good at handling her daily struggles with kids as well.She got many proposals too which she felt like another kind of web but she never insulted a guy by giving filmy kind of slapping or gestures. Still she respects every guy and vice versa.

When ever i went to her home i can c lot many guys with all kinds of ages.I felt embarrassed, i judged her as this might b,e this is the reason for her present marital condition. My face is very expressive, she recognized my feelings and again offered me a cup of coffee. Am not at all enjoying that hot coffee meanwhile her daughter came, grabbed my hand in to hers and asked me “will u hate my mother as she talking to so many guys.?”

I just wondered to that question and that kid  said “my teacher talks to many at my school so every body respects her. And my aunt is an IAS officer so she speaks to so many. Will you hate her too… and i am in to 3rd standard i speak to all my classmates including boys, infact i would  also speak to my math teacher who is a boy.”

I was just speechless, “yes, when all people can speak to every body, if a divorcee speaks to many guys is it for a wrong intention???

Heart fully i said sorry to that baby, because one day may be even i can face that situation.

I had recollected then, what she said at our first meeting ‘the entire world’……means her husband.

Still she speaks to so many with out hesitation, she also wanted to start a new relation and again she felt that she is on wrong path.

After 15 yrs of single life, post to her divorce, she got her soulmate who accepted her along with her elder kids.

She never texted him nor she flattered him. He just liked her for what she is with her grey hair.People called her gay, infedile, bitch and so many titles….in this 15 yrs of single life.

I have asked her “what is your kind of purpose of marriage when you  can’t  take it in younger age.”

She simply said ” I was  not checking for boys, i needed gentle man” so it took her 15 yrs.

There is no much message in this blog for stereotype personalities, and no need of message for broad minds…just shared my experience with a modern woman.

Look guys and gals in this current competitive world male and female interaction is quite necessary.But it is up to you to maintain your dignity.Also please remember as you have wrong intentions everybody won’t be having.













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