Crown less Queen..

A girl was sitting beside the window of a train and was just watching the passing by locations from running train. All of a sudden somebody from blue clouds asked her “what are you for this world? What is your purpose to this world? She was surprised at first and just replied with out second thought “servicing to Indian slums”.

The moment she decided to service slums of India, a 18 yrs girl  landed at Calcutta all the way from Yugoslavia central part of Europe. An emblem of beauty, reached to Indian roads by leaving her dynasty.

She is the emblem of patience, kindness, strong mind….and she is none other than Mother Theresa.

She took the ownership of eradicating  the illiteracy and poverty of slum kids. From the moment of taking the personal oath of developing slums she never slept peacefully and till her last breath she was dedicated to her goal.She created mass awareness of developing slums. Until her arrival and her initiation, slum is a nasty area to think and imagine.They were treated as isolated part of society though they were in center part of city.

When everybody is hating the stinking part of city, the slum and not even ready to see that area she started to living with them. She mingled with them as if she born in one of those families.

If we think her path was a walk on a cake, absolutely we are wrong. In those days, haters of Theresa showed obstacles to her social service goals. She used to teach lessons on black board, and the haters just braked it to destroy her ambition. She does not have even money to buy again, but she continued teaching by writing on the wet sand floor.

And only her finger tips knows the pain of her goal and only her heart knows the joy of social service.That is the spirit of ideal woman.If they took oath of ideal project they never steps back.

An unmarried mother of 80 students of orphan school one day was lack of resources to feed the kids.She can not beg someone for the food.Due to her simplicity and charitable efforts she got good circle of good people, however she never approached them.She was praying god to help her at that tough moment, the moment she ended her prayer a biscuit factory owner came with a truck of broken biscuits to offer kids.

A princess with no crown and facilities became a role model to young generations. When ever i imagine her in my heart, i can see a beautiful woman with a white sary, with blue border and single lined chain with a cross. A beautiful smile on her face still gives me hope when ever i go through any tough situation.

When a foreigner can dedicate her whole life  to India, why we can’t. Have we forgot the peace after Mother Theresa left this world???

We are also having dreams of peaceful world, please maintain in every sector of world.

Create awareness of humanity in every possible way.We are able to find the way to earn money in number of ways but we are failing to protect our ethics, kids, girls, women, culture, students, men.

Please take a pasue and think a while, turn back to our leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Bhgath singh, Rabindranath Tagore…who dreamt about peaceful India.

Think if all of a sudden, all of them come back to have a visit to see their dinesty do we have an answer???





















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