Be Positive

Every living thing has it’s way of own life style.Humans are strong comparatively with other living things. But the only difference between Man and wild animals is that animals use physical energy where as man use brain. Brain is the most powerful and at the same time the deadliest . It depends on the human mentality ‘ THAT HOW WE USE IT  Also man is gifted with heart to enjoy and feel the real taste of life value.

Many of us in this competitive world are struggling with goals oriented tasks .Majority of the world is running around the clock  to capture it’s dreams and forgetting the real essence of life .Wile we are really not focusing on mental exercise to become strong we grow old.Absolutely the maximum portion of civilized world is aware of morning walks and meditations.However it should not become like a morning routine job.

The modern era employees are lucky enough to get A.C. rooms as work stations and they would be blocked in cubicals to meet their dead lines.The companies are also taking initiatives to bear  or provide employee welfare  activities like fun activities, regular breaks and cafeteria space, wellness rooms,Gyms.

However is really an employee able to utilize that time and welfare facilities due to his dead lines is a question for second thought.We can not blame the management as they already done their job.So where is the question now, why he / she is still facing work stress.Why still employees are taking drastic steps due to work pressure. When a person got selected in 10 mins interview or 8 hrs interview why again they are judged as lack of skills. Will it come under lack of training which are crusial enough to hit the floor post selections.

The education system teaches us to get good score to get immediate placements.But the value of an employee time and stress who will teach to him/her.By the principle of education or corporate rules or brian power systems every guy and gal has their own qualities.So is it not a company’s mistake for not placing a guy or gal at right position.

Why a guy would be reviewed quarterly..? to analyse his improvement.Of course company is paying for his willingness of finishing the given task, and a motive to grow together. But when he/She is leaving home town or spending time dedicatedly to the company what kind of moral support a company can provide.

Many people including low salaried have to take same pressure in a company to meet the deadlines.End of the year if a company  judge him on each and every point to dismiss his bonus allowance or appraisal form what sort of  leadership it could be?If an employee questions the same way on each and every point and gives appraisal to his/her boss how many genuine leaders we can see.

My dad used to say, in a private organisation, if you are not happy with your boss, you have to come out and if your boss is not happy, you have to go out.

Simple but painful. Employee always tries to improve his career and proov him/her self.So company should not remove the ladder as per their convenience.Same way employee should understand the cost which is beared by company for his training and welfare activities and should try to give his honest part of 100 percent efforts.

Now the concept of stress – free work station is a dream of every employee, I think that every body knows about ‘Monday blues’ unless you are high salaried person or an entrepreneur. This is due to stress related atmosphere undoubtedly. We have every where, a rule to pay compensation of death if an employee dies on duty. But this modern era needs another side of point that stress created unhealthy issues like depression, anxiety, mental pressure. May be those are not direct attacks on his life like an accident which wash outs the body from the world.But stress and anxiety  creates huge impact on his/her personal life greatly.

It is appreciable few companies had already created stress free related campaigns at their campus. However as your boss can not become your mom as he is also responsible to his authorities, please take care of yourself at your work station. Don’t hesitate to have few more breaks than permitted as it freshens your mind from stress at possible ways. If your job is to sit at desk continousley for 8 hours you are vulnerable for back pains and mental disorders.Have plenty of water and it is necessary for the air conditioned rooms as they drains the natural  qualities of body. Take a 10 mins walk post to  every 30 to 40 mins of focused work which improves blood circulation. Prefer green atmosphere as it freshens eyes and mind set.

When ever you be upset do go out side in fresh air or do anything that you like . Many great people have used this method to succeed. Also not forget to have patience.

Before you get in very angry , unbearable situation divert your mind to comic topics or which are special for you . If you are disappointed over something try to overcome it , question yourself  why you have been disappointed and work out on that.Also you can spend time with your family or nearest ones by calling them for few minutes.

Develop hobbies like swimming, dancing, tennis or of your own choice every day post your work hours.

Don’t allow another deadly enemy called negativity which can demotivate so much that you would leave the task . Think everything positively to overcome negativity .

Always be smiling …support to your coworkers when they are in need of you.And don’t hesitate to get help from your colleagues infact it creates great team coordination.

Good luck….


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