Love- IQ


Story in one line: A gal who admires a boy and tests his emotional intelligence.

Theme : A gal admires and follows a boy for 5 yrs and finally when he finds her identity she tests his emotional intelligence. How he cracked it is the theme of the story.

Characters: One boy and two gals.

A gal who follows a boy daily, with a background song which is very heart touching.

She just follows him everywhere he goes, like movie theater, shopping malls, morning walk roads, office, everywhere.

He recognizes with few of her signs that, one gal is following him. And he put an eye keenly to catch her and he enjoys the way she follows him and makes him something spl every day and every moment.

However, she never gives a slight space to catch her, even after so many of his trials.

But he never gets tired but takes it as a challenge to catch her identity. After few days finally, he memorizes every sign of her and concludes that she is his colleague.

He wants to give her a surprise as he already got impressed by her.

So he packs all of her gifts and put in front of her doorstep and knocks the doorbell.

Slowly the door opens by a gal with cheerful smile, bright eyes, milky cheeks, curl hair with lovely jasmines. He just gets a doubt whether he is in right address or not as she is not his colleague.

And again he felts, must be a roommate or her sister. So he asks the name as mentioned in the gifts…

“Can I meet sanjana”?

“ sanjana”  gal in a wheelchair said in a very pleasing manner and saw all the gifts he arranged on the doorsteps.

He got disappointed by knowing that gal is handicapped and stepped back.

But somehow he was unable to trust as she used to follow him everywhere and used to sing as well.

She got every question of his heart and replied  “ have you observed a red colored car parked where ever you went…no..? so you have just observed a gal behind you. Of course, she is my sister who helped me to follow you, I was the singing gal.

The boy was disappointed but not able to bear his feelings, leaned on her chair and took her face in to his arms and said “ I was admiring you for your feelings in your song surely and also for her body, now tell me what you want me to do?

The gal got shocked, “so you love her body or my feelings”? again she screwed him up.

“I think am in love with her body rather your feelings” bluntly he said.

Gal stood suddenly and slapped him very emotionally..

He just laughed loudly and said “even boys are intelligent….my dear sanjana ….pls come out”

The real Sanjana came out proudly as his boy found her with his emotional intelligence.

Her friend asked him “how it is possible to know that am not your gal…”

He just stared at sanjana and said “how many she gifted me which are wrapped with her heart ful feelings…those I cannot felt in your eyes. Also when I leaned on your chair and took your face in to my arms you are not at all comfortable with a feeling of your friend’s boy friend.

“Gals are strong but can’t hide their honesty”….he said and shrugged simply….




















Gals are strong but can’t hide thier honesty….he said and shrugged simply….





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