I need you

Story theme in single line:  A naughty plus 2 gal posts a letter, randomly, to so many people with only one sentence “I need you” which changes few lives at their peak moments.

Characters: Old parents, Middle aged couple, a college boy, police and prisoner, auto rickshaw driver and old man.

Story: A plus 2 gal failed in her final examination and frustrated with her parents and society’s attitude towards her failure. She wanted to take revenge on foolish stereotyped society and writes few letters with one single sentence “I need u” and posts randomly to many people by getting addresses from Google.

  1. First letter reached to a middle aged couple who were already struggling with marital issues. By the time letter reached to them the wife is screwing up her husband for ignoring her call for the sake of nurse where he works as a doctor. She recognized his gestures of ignorance and got furious for his reply that he is not liable to respond her call whenever she calls him. Also he is not meant for that job and says that every husband gets annoyed of talking to same woman for a long time. It is quite natural of expecting change just like daily ware cloths.

By the time he finished his last word wife got that letter of one sentence “I need u”       and she left the home permanently as he cannot realize the real value of true love.

  1. Second letter: A college boy who is always a college topper, fell in love with a gal who requests his help in her assignments and admires him for his brilliance. Still he was not able to express his love for long time. But one day as his friend advised him that due to his intelligence she would accept his proposal immediately. However making his ideas upside down, she rejected giving a reason that intelligence is only for getting a top rank but to attract a gal the required qualities are different. He got upset with her straight forward answer and wanted to end his life. He tried to hang himself to a ceiling fan, exactly at that point, he received a letter “I need you.” He felt happy by feeling that same gal realised about his true love value and came back. Somehow he managed to spend that night with her thoughts and in the morning he wanted to meet her at first hours of college. But when he reached to her she was with two other guys in the same college campus. Instead of getting upset, this time he realised that she is not worth full to get his precious love and went inside to class room and continued his studies with new motivation.

Though he did not get his love the letter stopped him from suicide.

  1. Third letter reached to old parents who are about to leave his newly married son’s home permanently for not informing them about his trip plan with his wife and putting the phone in switched off mode continuously for 3 hrs.

The son and daughter in law pleaded them to stay back with them but they ignored. Due to their urgent schedules the young couple left to their office. Soon after parents stepped out to move permanently, they have received a letter “ I need you”. The mother burst out and dropped of leaving her son.

The letter reminded them the need of understanding others, irrespective of their egos.

  1. Fourth letter: An auto rikshaw driver refused to drop an old man for free of cost at his home when old man asked for his help due to giddiness. The poor old man is about to to fell off on the road, at that moment auto driver received a letter with “I need you” and he realised the words of ‘need’ and immediately helped old man.

6.Last letter reached to a prisoner when he is under interrogation room in front of his jailer, as he helped to his fellow prisoners to escape from jail. Till that time he refused to agree his crime of helping them. But once he saw the letter “I need u” he became red by feeling that those four thanked him and are in ‘need’ of him again.

The police just removed the nuts of his bones.

The one line sentence is same in every letter, but how it impacted different lives with different perceptions related to their current moment of life.










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