What is convincing? How it works? who convince mostly? to whom they convince? in which way? are you ready to get convinced easily or hardly?

Actually what is convincing. Convincing is to make you understand the path for some one’s benefit or for your benefit. However why we need to convince some one, why we want to change someone. Is it our job to make them understand the exactly what we want from them. Is it a right path to change some one from their strong true beliefs.

Of course a mom or dad convinces their kids on daily basis in order to nurture them in a right path as they are with their strong childish beliefs. Teachers does the same to their students.

Apart from the above we can see on routine basis different kind of convincing natures. For instance Business convincing deals, realtors to get the deal done, Legal cases to settle the case out of court premises, wife to husband and vice versa.

So now am not talking about the people who needs to get convinced instead am checking with people who are trying to convince the other one.

Say if a 16 yrs gal wants to settle as a model so she wants to go to gym, speacial food, modern dress designs and need to forget about the timings for the sake of photo shoot.

Though her father is able to provide all the above facilities he tries to convince her to not to choose that career just because of society.Again am not blaming any body and touching the families who are already supporting their children.Her mother shows numerous ways to change her career by trying to convince her in several ways.


Another example a wife and husband wants to divide legally,  who are matured enough to decide about their lives.However family, friends, coleges all would provide all future problems to convince them. If present is in problem who cars about future. Why they have to convince them.

A person’s land was occupied by big bull. So he wanted to rigistar a case. But right from his family members to lawyer every body asks him to tack back his step as it is not healthy to his life. They convince him to leave the costly land.

This is why a doctor fails at operation theater, a wife fails at kitchen, a boy fails at examination.

Why people poke their nose in to someones life and never sleep until they make them to change their mind.Why they can’t think that he or she has their own thoughts and they want their brain to work.

Always remember you can win the argument but you are killing some ones’ new thoughts, fresh opinions to this world. Your convincing  nature can be a great art but believe me you are not able to accept the new world with great ideas.

Generally people wont speak out honestly. Of course people speak out only to blame some one or to abuse some one. But if a person is speaking honestly about the universally accepted wrong things, please… do’t ignore and never throe your assumptions to win the argument.Understand he/ she is trying to protect some valuable future to our new generations.

Just think before you convince or advice or blaming not every body are alike. Don’t give random advice. A person always acts according to their culture and family situation. And accordingly his /her mind develops, infact their total society trusts the same.But you can not judge them as per your opinion.

Example: A traditional gal can’t say a modern gal is exposing at the same time a modern  gal can not mock at her old dressing style.

Same thing applies to a wife to goal oriented husband and wise versa. If wife is in politics is she needs to change her entire life just because of her husband. otherwise can you treat as a non qualified wife.

Never see the problem form your perception and never mention as exaggeration of problem.

Think why person is craving for justification, why person wants to change their life, why a erposn is running from one bank to another bank… if you are in thier shoes.











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