Citizens of country

My dear friends what do you mean by citizen of India/ or your own country.
What is your role as you are the part of that country while paying taxes and enjoying the government supplied facilities.
Up to what extent you and your government can interact each other, how you are supporting to your government and how your government is supporting you in your tough times.I know it is every single citizen should feel responsible for the country where they are living.

But do you feel really you are taking part of your job of citizenship through out the years post electing them as your leader. He/ she is your leader for short term, but you are the citizen for through out the life.

So do you feel any responsibility rather any politician or any rich commanders of democracy.

Do you know your rights properly, are you aware of your responsibilities before electing some one.Do you really go though the manifesto of every political party.

Do you check post electing them how they are working and how much progress they did.

No…but why…? because you trusted them confidently being Democratic citizen. You just gave the power to rule but you forgot your own responsibility of saving that manifesto which they provided at the time of elections.

Have you ever maintained report card for your leaders as if you check to your kids or to your younger brother.

At least have you checked that you are in safe side or not.Have you ever shouted about the negligence of their old systems.Unlicensed corruption.
Why??? because you are just scared, because you just wanted to protect yourself and your family.

If suppose with great courage even if you shout they know how to make you silent by giving you the name of terrorist or anti social activist.

So if you feel like that where is the concept of democracy and freedom of expression.?

Is really citizen should leave his daily activities to wake up the government. is it his duty or their part of responsibility?

But before questioning them just ask yourself and your local people are they really want to see the change or not. Will they take step back if they got their personal benefits. Do your citizens have unity to fight for good cause till you get the positive results.

Ask..ask..create awareness…how much you are paying and how much you are getting back.. if you are not getting then who is getting benefits. If no part of the society is happy then what is the use of expensive elections?????


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