How to handle yourself…

Life is beautifully wrapped gift with n number of blessings from god. Every body craves for the beauty of life and for what they are meant for. The human eyes always craves for beauty in each and every aspect of life irrespective of their current life status.

A child always choose a bright color, there exactly human being learns the beauty of life.

My friend here i need to specify that a beauty is not always physical or materialistic beauty. The beauty in our eyes which connects our soul to the outer world at every moment of our life reflects the exact beauty.

So i had observed many people to know their perception about beauty of life. Majority of them told that inner beauty is prettiest one. However i had never stopped observing them to relate their words to their actions in which i got to know that actually and specifically they are not the way they told.

Now i asked myself actually what they are fond of, they expressed their happiness silently and unknown knowingly  million times with minute things like a little gesture from loved ones, slight smiles, shrugging,  frowns, staring eyes, the running legs with busy schedules, toddler  walks, mommy’s detective nature, father’s over caring, girl friend simplicity, boy friend caring, silent empathetic send off, puppy’s tantrums, dry leafs carpet on the roads, a heavy rain,  cloudy sky, snow fall… hot coffee mug while hanging out with group of friends all god given gifts… which are price less but for free of cost….trust me these were the gifts for the people who can see the world with that beauty consciousness.

Now how you protect these minute things is in your hands, how delicate is your approach towards these free gifts.  How you receive and pour it to others by mixing your expression of emotion is left to you always.

Absolutely there would be tough times in every one’s life, for some people it could be like once in a blue moon and for other set of people it could be like a rolar coaster.

My friends it is always in our strong will power to stand in such kind of tough periods.

So if you again ask me what is tough time, as a teenager it can be just a old dress for your school farewell party or a broken cell phone screen….but always remind yourself the life which you are enjoying is your gift rather than other material things.

It can be your prestigious issue in front of your friends, it can be your life time achievement  which you had lost…but my dear friend just realize  those are not your real targets.

Your real target is not to bother about your pressure of outer world but to enjoy the tiny things of life.When you leave the noise of your own negative energy then you realize your self for what you are meant for and what is your real happiness.

Every body has their own set of goals by birth with out that we are useless absolutely, but don’t eat yourself for the targets sake. As you are readily available for all the elders they can eat your brain in n number of ways with their own life time experiences. However you are not meant to listen and follow the old formulas. Of course elders should be respected  and we should obey them. And friends are for joy, but my dear understand you are the owner of your life…

Same time when you are enjoying the every joy of your life, you should handle your own problems in your own way…again in your own way….but how you handle it..?

Just anyalise the problem, question yourself..break the problem in steps wise..again question your self.find the root cause and put a check…it’s over…you are now..problem free person in this world.

Let’s take in depth, take any problem..cupboard nut fixing or leaking tap, old mobile phone or your lost grand pa…

what ever!!, ask yourself, can you do any thing in this situation??

If you get answer as “yes” do it immediately there and then, with out second thought.

If you can’t do any thing like lost loved ones or grand pa…my friend i just understand your situation but remember one day every body should leave this world with reasons or with out reasons. So accept the truth and trust it that they wanted to see you happy applies in this case as well.

Few issues are time consuming issues but not impossible…

1.  So find the root cause and chop it off.

2. If it is your imagination develop positive attitude.

3.If it is your nearest relative specific, talk boldly with your parents or guardians. If you are far away from your guardian or parents just don’t worry use your own brain which works as your protecting  shield guard.

4.If you are a shyful boy/gal in your class and no one is bothering about your presence please feel happy as it’s a good sign..yes because majority of the successful people past is reveals the same history of you …please refer the related books.

5.If you are lagging behind your classmates my friend, you just need to dig your weak point like laziness or unhealthy issues or firnds bullying..just dig the problem and solve as soon as possible.But don’t bury yourself in a silent dark room or don’t become alone.

6.Become a champ of your own and set an example as nothing is a special case in this fast paced world, in fact every one are special.

So…take time and observe yourself…understand yourself…invest in you…build the skills and set an example….of positive role model.

Always remember your family fiends are precious but you are most precious…

I hope your Happy life journey starts from here on wards…Thank you…


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