Self confidence

What is really confidence?? This question is not meant for well settled professionals. But for teenagers or those who are just started their careers.

Is it acting in front of others like as if we are good enough to achieve any thing. Or poking our nose in every irrelevant matter??? or to take up easy task n setting highest goals to the coming new generations???

As per my opinion real confidence is just not bothering the outside noise. Respecting others opinions is a good attitude. Same time respecting your own thoughts and imaginations is always appreciable. Confidence is facing your every fear with fear but not giving up on that. Everybody has their own style like different flavors of perfumes or ice creams. So don’t copy someone as it makes your path so easy. Research yourself as if you are a scientist in other words just analyze your self in depth.

A new career is like a fresh book with all plain white papers. You can get n number of opportunities and lucky enough to choose yourself. So never give that choice of selection for someone who is different from your path. Post choosing your path just compare your compatibility and relevant skills for that path. If you are possessing at least 10 percent of the required skill just jump into that. If you are with zero knowledge but interested, you are so lucky to go into depth of knowledge and to win in the same area.

Always remember you have to face tough competition even in a small circle of your folks irrespective of the fields you have chosen. But how you handle it and how you overcome shows your confidence levels.

Again don’t get upset with failures which are actually stepping stones to your success and never compare with your competitor, however, observe him/her in order to grow up yourself.

A major drawback of all the beginners is to feel shy to ask doubts. Majority of us will face the same problem at the initial stages of our career. If you also fall into this category please try to come out of that feeling. Always remember the person who is confident enough will ask questions and clarifies there and then even if it is a silly one to others.. for your mind that was a blocking area. So ask and get the clarity.

Never build your career on assumptions. Read more and get knowledge from all possible resources you have. Never wait for someone to give you the clarity on all of your doubts. You can also do research and help your peers to provide clarification.

Your knowledge is your investment and that builds your confidence. And the key to success for beginners is to follow integrity irrespective of gender, religion, territory, attitudes difference, languages.

Real confidence is creating a pot from useless mud.


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